The Nursery

At our nursery, you'll find a big collection of succulents, palm trees, and bamboo. We also have a variety of exotic tropical plants, such as the King Protea and the Leucospermum. Our plant experts are also on-hand to guide you through the collections and answer any plant-care questions you might have. You can see more in the photo gallery of the nursery.

Our nursery is conveniently located off Highway 280, on Meridian Avenue, in San Jose.
Our collection of hard-to-find tropical plants will delight plant lovers. Whether you're looking for exotic plants or new ideas for transforming your yard into a lush tropical oasis, you will find inspiration at our nursery.
We hand-pick and import our pottery from Vietnam. These modern, Asian-contemporary pieces include vases, pots, and fountains of various sizes. We also have a collection of hand-carved sandstone pottery from Bali.
415 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95126
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Hours: Open every day. 9am-5pm
Phone: (408)-289-1900


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